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2 responses to “Social Intrapreneurship – Wandel durch Mitarbeiter”

  1. Trupti Carny

    ich habe nur das folgende gelesen „a social intrapreneur – someone who makes change for good from within the enterprise.“ und schon möchte ich kommentieren bevor mein 16-monatiger Sohn aufsteht und ich muß Schluß machen und schreibe lieber auf Englisch.
    Obviously a kindergarten is not an enterprise but a place where kids learn and get moulded. After all kids are our future and they better learn good virtues like sustainability today so that they become good and careful citizens and save the planet from absolute ruin which only the organic revolution as I call it can do.

    Today my son’s kindergarten teacher said that she’d like a word with me since everytime my four-and-a-half-year-old-son gets „gummi-bärchen“ or „smarties“, he asks her if it is „bio“ and „free-of-chemicals“. She added that he seems to be busy with such ideas and so we need to have a chat. I said „definitely“. I don’t know what the result will be.

    Due to personal and logistical reasons (I was pregnant and fell in the snow/ ice which unfortunately in Niederursel is not always cleared and I commuted either with the bicycle or the U-Bahn), I moved my son from the Waldorf Kita in Niederursel to a catholic kita next to my house. I reckoned that the teachers here are nice so are the kids and they do nice things…the only problem would be food – it is very meat-oriented-aldi-appetito and whatever mix which would not be a problem since I would pick my son at 11:55am and he would eat at home which means organic and veggie with either one fish meal or one one chicken meal a week since my husband believes my vegetarianism is the root cause of my stuntedness. The first time I went to the zoo and my son demanded an ice-cream, I told him that the ones sold at the zoo are crap – they are from a „nasty company called Nestle(Schoeller)“ who does „ouchies“ to the cows by injecting hormones and genetically manipulating so that they produce a lot of milk. I had to further explain him about hormones, etc….i don’t know how much he really understood but he knows that some nasty farmers do ouchies to the cows to get more milk and nasty companies like nestle buy it. We rather eat a nice bio and fair ice-cream on our way back in „das Eis“.
    Frankfurt has achieved the green-city-title but I don’t see much greenness or bio-ideology in the kindergarten or other places where kids would hang out, say the Frankfurt zoo or Christmas market or other kid activities. Lots of food is wasted esp. killing animals and then wasting so much meat is a big sin. Bratwurst and pommes is the king of food for children.
    Christoph what do you say about this….I think we should organise veggie days and a yogamob for kids in kindergarten and schools….(as soon as my elbow is healed) that would promote sustainability and is pure investment in the future.

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